Laparoscopic Surgery

Theodore Veterinary Hospital  
The Perfect Combination of Technology and Our Love for Animals


At Theodore Veterinary Hospital, we are proud of the unique level of training and experience of our laparoscopic team and are even more proud to be one of the few veterinary hospitals in the state of Alabama to offer laparoscopy to our
 canine and feline friends. 
It is estimated that only 2% of veterinarians have been trained to perform this procedure.


Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive technique for viewing the internal structures of the abdominal cavity.  It involves the use of a laparoscope (camera) inserted into the abdomen.
This allows the veterinarian to view abdominal organs magnified on a monitor.  The applications of this surgery are as numerous in
veterinary medicine as well as human.   It is used to perform many surgeries including liver and intestinal biopsies, cystoscopy, (for bladder stone retrieval and examination) spays and gall bladder removal.  Preparing your pet for a laparoscopic surgery is the same as for traditional surgery.

As is visible in this post-surgery photo, the incisions required in laparoscopic procedures are minimal in size, for the entire surgery is performed through a few tiny incisions rather than a large abdominal opening.
 This results in less pain and quicker recovery for your pet.  Studies have proven that recovery time for spays is reduced by up to 65%.  
 Other added benefits include 
decreased bleeding as well as less time spent under anesthesia.






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